Guy gets hit in the throat with flaming arrow on live TV

funny shit 04/08/2016

A live broadcast of America's Got Talent went dreadfully wrong after a daredevil performer was accidentally hit in the throat with a flaming arrow.


Ryan Stock and Amberlynn, self-described "super human" stunt artists, left the judges and audience members stunned after the incident in the latest episode of the series.





For the stunt, Stock swallowed a long, spiked rod with a target at the top of it, and leaned forward for Amberlynn to shoot the target with a flaming arrow. But the shot from the crossbow missed, hitting Stock's neck instead.


The blow from the arrow seemed to leave him shaken and fighting to breathe.


"I'm okay," he told the judges. "It only got my shirt. I'm okay."


"I don't think you are," said judge Howie Mandel. "I think what you do is wonderfully horrific but that's the first time you missed



"We have to be responsible here. You are hurt. I think what you did is wonderful and I think you deserve votes, but the audience just saw what could happen. I hate that I saw what could happen."