Study reveals Kiwis are most likely to pull a post-match sickie

Pics 09/08/2016

Have you ever called in sick the day after a big game? Well, if you have, you're not alone.

New Zealand has topped an international list of countries most likely to 'pull a sickie' after a major sporting event.

Recruitment company Robert Half interviewed 1575 human resource managers worldwide - 100 of which were in New Zealand.

The survey found almost nine in every 10 New Zealand human resource managers (87 percent) say it is likely that at least one of their employees will call in sick the day after a major sporting event.

So with the Super Rugby Final, the Olympics and international cricket all happening over the weekend, companies could have expected a few empty seats on Monday.

Countries where employees are most likely to take a day off:

1st = New Zealand & Australia - 87 percent
2nd Brazil - 84 percent
3rd Chile - 80 percent
4th Austria - 78 percent
5th Germany - 76 percent
6th Switzerland - 75 percent

Megan Alexander, general manager of Robert Half Asia Pacific says hosting an event to watch the sports can be a great way to motivate employees.

"Showing flexibility towards staff on special occasions, whether it is allowing staff to come in a bit later, taking a longer lunch break or leaving early, shows the business understands and appreciates its workforce," she said.

And the HR managers agree, with 62 percent saying that hosting company events to watch sports increases employee engagement - while 43 percent say it improves employee motivation.

"While watching sports during business hours can impact a company's workplace productivity, organisations increasingly understand the positive impact these activities have on staff morale," Ms Alexander says.

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