Hamilton woman calls cops when her weed doesn't show up

funny shit 19/01/2017

A Hamilton woman has made a guns-blazing attempt to get her supplier in trouble after he stitched her up with a shit deal.

Betty Tamihana told the cops she paid a $40 deposit for an ounce of weed that her dealer was selling for $60. We're not experts when it comes to pricing stuff, but that's a damn good deal if you ask us.

Too good, in fact, because the deal went up in smoke.

When she didn't get her stash (or her money back), she hit up a Facebook community group... and also called the police to complain.

Ol' Blazing Betty reckons she's used this dealer before, so didn't expect this to fall through, saying:

"I was looking for some weed and I posted to see if anybody did drop offs and he popped up and he said that he could. I gave him $40 and he didn't come back. I rang and I messaged him and he turned everything off. I couldn't get a hold of him."

Most people would probably cut their losses and put it down to bad luck, but Betty took it one step further by reporting the shady (and, you know, illegal) sale to the cops. Not the brightest move.

Hamilton police say she can still be charged for attempting to get her hands on drugs - even if she didn't actually succeed, which means this situation just went from bad to worse for this lady.

Betty reckons she'll never buy buds online again, and says she's still waiting for an apology from her dealer.

You'll probably be waiting a loooong time, mate.