Bloke posts asking if someone could remove dead cousin's tat

tattoos 23/02/2017

And the prize for the weirdest Facebook post of the week comes to us from a little town in England named Chorley.

The post was spotted by Reddit user 'jaggedllama' on the Chorley buy, sell, swap or give away and was put up by a bloke who might need to research his situation a little more.

So, the guy mentioned put a request online last month, asking if he could get his dead cousin's tattoo removed from their leg and stitched onto his shoulder.

"I'm looking for a trainee medic to remove this [tattoo] from my recently departed cousin and stitch the skin onto my shoulder".

Jaggedllama uploaded a screenshot of the status, which had a photo of the tattoo, and wrote: "I hope this is a joke".

If people didn't already know, it's pretty hard to graft someone else's tat onto your body when the person supplying the skin is dead.

Maybe the guy should get the same tattoo instead of going through all the hassle.