Congrats NZ, we're the 3rd biggest pre-gamers in the world

funny shit 24/03/2017

It's common knowledge in New Zealand that if you're planning on going to town, you get your mates round and you pre-drink before you go out.

There are many reason why Kiwis love to pre-game, ranging from saving the coin you would have wasted on $15 drinks at the bar, to getting a bit of a buzz going before you get to town.

A recently released survey now pits us battlers as one of the best pre-gaming nations in the world, coming in hot at number 3 with 78.7% of Kiwis saying they drink at home before going out.

The Guinness drinking Irish topped the list with 85% of people surveyed saying they pre-game. Second was Norway (80%), Denmark (76.2%) fell just below NZ in 4th, and the UK (75%) came in 5th.

Out of the 65,126 people surveyed across 25 countries, Greece came in last with 17.7% saying they like to pre-game.