Hangover impersonator making 240k a year reveals why he quit

funny shit 10/03/2017

In 2009 The Hangover hit the movies, making $467.5 million in the box office, showing every man in the world that Las Vegas is the place to be for your stag party.

Also is 2009, Thaddeus Kalinoski's wife divorced him and he was fired from his management job. Pretty rough time for any bloke to have to go through.

To make him feel better, Thaddeus went to Vegas to get blind drunk and put life on the back burner until one day, thanks to an uncanny resemblance to Alan Garner, he started making a career out of it.

At the top of his game Thaddeus was bringing in $900 a night, just posing with tourists.

However Thaddeus had to hang up his boots out of fear that may overdo it on the drugs and drink.

He told the Sun: "Playing Alan, everyone expects you to party, everyone expects you to drink. Whatever they have, and whatever is they want you to do for a tip, you better do it."

"I remember I once got so drunk one night that I puked and defecated all over my costume in the Caesars valet lot and had to drive home naked.

"I was under so much pressure to do parties and was often pushed into rooms with groups of people telling me I had to do drugs. It got really desperate."

Thaddeus was raking in $240k a year and quit in 2015 so he'll surely have some spare cash to play with these days.