Ultimate Domino's pizza hack that'll save you big bucks

NZ 10/04/2017

It's time to take pizza websites out of your bookmarks - it's actually cheaper to buy them if you Google the word "pizza" instead.

While most companies tend to reward returning customers, Domino's Pizza has placed the big bucks on first timers.

It's taken out an ad on the word "pizza" - meaning even if you search its competition, such as Pizza Hutt or Hell's Pizza, you get Domino's as your first result.

And it's a pretty tasty deal - 40 percent off your pizzas, except for the ones that are already super cheap.

But some have found the deal more sinister than snackable, with a Reddit user slamming the company for "playing it dirty".

Similar ads by Pizza Hut only feature if you search "pizza" or "pizza nz", rather than appearing on its competitions' pages.