Australia is getting real pissy over this lingerie ad for being too much like "soft porn"

Chicks 10/11/2017

Oh come oooooooonnnnnn Austrayaaah.

From a report on Newshub:

An Australian lingerie ad featuring women at a party in underwear surrounded by dressed men has outraged customers and sparked multiple complaints.

The Honey Birdette video clips feature the lingerie-clad women dancing around an office surrounded by fully suited businessmen, drinking alcohol.

"This ad is terrible. Who thought it was a bright idea to further sexualise women in the workplace? Meanwhile fully dressed men pour champagne and gaze at their female colleagues?" one woman commented alongside the Facebook ad.

"There are so many things wrong with this," another added.

"Who actually thought this advert was a good idea? Let's get all the women in sexy underwear and DRUMMER OUTFITS (what?) but keep all the men in tuxedos, this will send a fabulous message to everyone."

Another Facebook user suggested it was reflective of why the company values women.

"Because every woman needs a set so they can continue to be in a position of 'power' in the corporate man's world. I loathe this ad."

"Why is women's lingerie always marketed in a way that appeals to the male gaze instead of, you know, women; the main demographic that actually buys and wears the product?"

But others defended the ad, saying of course it would be expected a lingerie company puts emphasis on showing their products.

But stills taken from the ad, used in shopping stores around Australia, are also receiving negative attention from parents.

One appalled shopper told The Sydney Morning Herald it was like "soft-porn" - and said she had a hard time explaining it to her 11-year-old son.

"He's a little boy and we're carefully teaching him about consent and respect, and then you go to a public place and have that potentially undone," Kat Israel said.

The Advertising Standards Bureau has confirmed it has received multiple complaints about the string of advertisements.

But the founder of the store tells local media the outrage is "ridiculous", arguing women should be able to flaunt their sexuality "without fear of assault".

"There's a disturbing conservative theme out there, but we will keep doing what we do," Eloise Monaghan wrote online.

Ella Prendergast / Newshub.