Mum bought her 4 year-old a Christmas DVD from bargain bin, turned out to be a hardcore 80's porno

funny shit 30/11/2017

Ho ho ho-ly hecka this is a hell of a yarn.

From our brothers at Newshub:

An Auckland mother is fuming after the Christmas DVD she bought for her four-year-old turned out to be hardcore porn.

Brittany Williams purchased what looked like a children's Christmas-themed DVD from a bargain bin at Good2go dairy and video hire on the North Shore. 

It was a full-on raging porno from the 80s,

She brought the film home for her son, who happily turned it on and began watching.

But when Ms Williams returned to check on him after about 15 minutes, she realised her son wasn't watching elves and reindeer on the screen - he was watching hardcore pornography.

"It was a full-on raging porno from the 80s," she told NZME.

Ms Williams plans to file a police complaint against Good2go, but owner Raj Patel insists his business is not at fault.

He confirmed that pornographic DVDs are sold in the store's bargain bin, but he told NZME there was no way of finding out who recorded the adult footage over a children's film, which was itself at least 10 years old.

"We will take action against her for discriminating us," he said, of Ms Williams' intention to go to the police.

"In 10,000 DVDs, I have never had a case like this, since taking over the business six years ago."

Ms Williams told NZME that her son was traumatised by what he saw and she fears other children may have inadvertently watched similar inappropriate content.