You should always order two burgers at Maccas, Doctors orders

burger 13/11/2017

Alright, as good as Maccas is for your soul after a night out on the beersies (or the bongs), we all know Maccas isn't good for your health.

We can't change that. However, if you're going to succumb to McD's allure, we've got some game changing news... 

Turns out two burgers are healthier for you than one  - at least according to one UK nutritionist called Emily Field.

Field's made waves with burger lovers across the globe, after she announced that eating two burgers instead of the classic burgie and a side of fries is a hell of a lot healthier for you.

Field is RD certified, we don’t know what that means, but random letters often indicate a legit education.

The nutritionist spoke to Business Insider, explaining that her philosophy is all about balance.

Essentially, a burger holds protein, carbs and fats. Three requirements for any balanced diet. Right. Meanwhile fries have got fuck all going for ‘em. Full of the bad kinds of fats and a walloping of carbs. Right.

That all makes sense to us.

Read the full Business Insider article here.