Dudes are putting stickers on their junk instead of condoms

Vids 07/08/2017

Well now we've bloody well heard everything.

A company called Jiftip the Diktip is now making stickers that go on the tip on your penis to prevent any unexpected... explosions.

According to the website, the sticker is an 'adhesive flexible sticker covering just the urethra for the containment of urine and semen' which will 'slam the door on foreign invaders and send a few eager baby-seeds back to their room'

It's already met quite a bit of backlash - the website itself says the product is 'not approved for STIs or pregnancy prevention purposes,' so basically... it doesn't really serve much purpose, but people are buying it apparently. The stickers are currently being sold in three packs for roughly $8NZD. 

The benefit of the Jiftip is that sex will feel better (i.e. without a condom), but since it doesn't actually prevent pregnancy, and you'll still have to pull out - and it doesn't protect you from STIs, it's kinda useless. Plus, we'd hate to think how much pain our wee mates would be in when we pulled that bugger off. Fuck that. Just wrap it, guys.