Credit: Caters

Christchurch petrol head pulls off ridiculous front wheelie in a van

video 30/01/2018

A Christchurch driver has risked their life after pulling off a front wheelie - in a van.

The dangerous stunt was filmed on Saturday night on Deans Ave, near the centre of the city, before being uploaded to Facebook.

It shows the van hooning along the street in traffic before coming to a screeching stop.

The vehicle tips up on its front wheels, almost flipping over its bumper while the crowd watching hoot and cheer.

"All of a sudden this van came out of nowhere and started doing stoppies," said the 21-year-old Christchurch mechanic who filmed the video, who asked not to be named.

"I thought 'f**k, he is going on his roof'.

"Someone said 'the cops are going to love this when they see it' but there was no harm done, it was just a bit of fun." 

New Zealand Police confirmed they were aware of the video and will "follow up as is appropriate".