Doped out cooker defied gravity and crashed his car into the second story of a building

weird shit 16/01/2018

A spectacular crash in California resulted in a car becoming lodged in the second story of a dental office.

According to the LA Times, emergency services were called to the scene in Santa Ana, California at 5:30am on Sunday morning, to find a white sedan protruding from the second story of a building. 

Firefighters worked to safely extract the driver and passenger from the car while it was still lodged in the building. 

The driver was allegedly under the influence of narcotics and travelling at high speed when he struck the concrete median which launched the car airborne.  

In a Facebook post, firefighters said:

"Your OC [Orange County] Firefighters respond to a vehicle into a structure and were a little surprised to see it in the second floor. Our Urban Search and Rescue Team responded as well to help stabilize the vehicle and extricate the patient."

One Twitter user snapped a photo of the crash site with the bewildered caption:

"How. How does this happen. What went wrong that you managed to crash into the second story of a building, without falling from a higher distance.