Hooters is offering free chicken to singles on Valentines Day

funny shit 05/02/2018

As part of a promotion they're calling "shred your ex" Hooters are offering free wings to anyone who comes in on Valentines day and shreds a photo fo their ex in store,  


If you couldn't being yourself to do the deed without turning into a messy puddle of emotions, you could ask a waitress to do the photo ripping for or you could even do it online. 

Yes, online. Living in the future folks.

If you head to their site they've got a short questionairre where you can figure out what's the best options for you: shredding, burning, burying or darting the ex-pic and in exchange they'll give you a coupon for Valentines Day. 

Okay, we know we don't have Hooters in this country, but we're hoping we get one soon... Or that one of our other favourite fried chicken distributors here in New Zealand takes a shine to this idea, and does the same thing. 
Break ups suck. Chicken though, chicken's great.