WATCH: Enormous 'Pigzilla' dumpster dive on public street

funny shit 15/02/2018

We've seen possums rummage through trash, sure (the human and animal variety)... but an ENORMOUSLY big, f*ck off, wild boar with it's three sizeable piglets in tow? Yeaaah, not so much.

Facebook user Tu Dong uploaded the above video to his page earlier this week. It was allegedly filmed on a Hong Kong street, near a school. 

We think it's a dog yapping in the background, affronted about his lunch getting eaten, but probably isn't too keen about doing anything more about it...  Ballsy really, just letting his presence be known in front of 'Pigzilla'.

Hey mate, no judgment, we've seen some delicious looking things in rubbish bins... but if we saw this big momma on the street... holy shit, forget the rejected sub, we out.