Bloke sends chick an invoice for their date after she ghosts him

funny shit 17/04/2018

It can be tough on the soul and the wallet paying for first dates all the time and getting nothing but a "seen" notification on Facebook to show for it... One lad decided to take out his infuriation and send a chick who'd ghosted him after beersies and tacos, an invoice for everything she'd had and he'd paid for. 

We understand the struggle, but if you're going to get salty mate, maybe don't offer to pay in the first place.   

Our mates over at Newshub explored the story further: 

A US man has invoiced a woman for the date he paid for after she ghosted him.

Amanda Burnett posted a picture on Twitter of the invoice the man sent her, listing every item she consumed on their first and only date and the exact price.

The pair had gone out for drinks and tacos, but Ms Burnett decided to ghost him rather than front up and say she wasn't interested in another date. 

Photo credit: Twitter/ MandaBurnett

In retaliation, the man sent her the invoice for a beer, a cocktail and tacos - as well as a sales tax, a processing fee and a shipping and handling fee.

All up she was charged NZ$53.81 for the date, but she's determined not to pay up.

He sent a follow up text telling her that he'd take action by informing the authorities if she didn't pay her bill, but she has since told him to 'f off'.

Ms Burnett has deleted the screenshots after her tweet about the experience went viral.