Dead millionaire renders his wife of 42 years a pleb, leaving her nothing

funny shit 24/04/2018

A loaded, old bloke called Wynford Hodge recently died  at the ripe age of 94, leaving his NZ$2.9 million fortune to two of his tenants who were "kind to him".

His kids and wife came out empty handed. Hodge explained in a letter that his missus was finacially comfortable - with her whole NZ$4,900 in the bank. 

Shit mate. That's a rough deal. 

A lesson for all of us. Be nice to all old todgers in your life. And never assume anything is a shoe in. Especially inheritances. 

Our mates over at Newshub report on this story further:

A deceased Welsh millionaire has left his vast wealth to his tenants instead of his wife, who only had a few grand in her account.

Wynford Hodge died of prostate cancer last year, leaving behind NZ$2.9 million, The Sun reported. 

Yet the 94-year-old's will made no mention of his wife of 42 years or four children, instead choosing to pass it on to two tenants who had supposedly been kind to him in his final years.

Mr Hodge, who owned Parsonage Farm and Caravan Park in Amroth, Pembrokeshire, justified his actions in a letter that claimed his wife was "financially comfortable" despite her having just NZ$4,900 in the bank.

The unorthodox will forced Joan Thompson, 72, to live off benefits in a nursing home despite wanting to return to her family's estate.

But Mr Hodge's severe actions were not to see out their full intentions - Mrs Thompson was saved from long term poverty after a judge overturned her late husband's requests.

Judge Jarman has rewritten Mr Hodge's will and handed Mrs Thompson a $438,000 cottage on his estate.

In addition to the cottage, Mrs Thompson will receive $370,000 in cash.