Kid eats nothing but sausage rolls for fifteen years

Food 25/05/2018

You thought you knew a fussy eater? 

17-year-old Elliott has been eating nothing but the ol' sausie rolls since he was two years old. 

I mean, shit, we do love a sausage roll. But nothing but? How he hasn't died of scurvy, who knows... 

His Mum, Joy explained that if Elliott didn't have sausage rolls, he wouldn't eat at all and if he was given something else, he'd freak the hell out.

The poor lass felt a lot of guilt over the years, feeling responsible for her son's ridiculous eating habits. 

"I always felt guilty that, as a mother, it was the way I had brought him up – but even the doctor’s couldn’t help him so I knew it was serious."

Joy reportedly tried a shit load of methods before coming across hypnosis.

Elliott recently spent two hours with a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, David Kilmurry, and is now "cured".

On yah Dave.

The kid's now diving into some really adventurous foods - loving burgers and ice cream too. 

Bloody wild Elliott. 

Don't want to give the kid too much shit - Turns out, the fussiness was actually a phobia of new stuff.

Kilmurry explained: "Elliott travelled to the Food Dr Clinic, suffering with Neophobia which translates as ‘fear of the new’ and had stuck with a daily ‘safe diet’ of sausage rolls- and not a lot else."

Now, that makes sense. Good reminder, if someones behaving bizarrely - there's probably a reason behind it. 

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And after all this sausage roll talk, think it's time we took a wander over to the local bakery...