WATCH: Jim's bloody outrageous TV ad that aired on TV3, to cover his ass for crashing the Rock ute

Jim 19/05/2018

Jim scraped the Rock ute a few weeks back and was hit with an $800 excess bill from MediaWorks' insurance company. 

$800 is pretty rough. Jim's a poor wee peanut... With a young family too.

So, Thane suggested Jim create a TV commercial promoting someone's business, get it aired on TV once and get the business to pay his excess in exchange for Jim's excellent presenting skills... and ability to pull strings. 

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The next hurdle: Jim had to find someone to sponsor his TV commercial that he could tie back to himself as a Rock representative. Why? Our brand manager took pity on Jimbo and gave him an ad slot that would ordinarily be advertising us, The Rock. So the ad simultaneously needed to promote The Rock AND another business.  

Jim's mates at The Flying Moa Pub in Mt Wellington were the perfect guys for the job. And manager Sara Lee agreed. 

However, the real challenge starts here: Jim had to get the ad shot and edited AND throw a premiere event for The Flying Moa manager Sara Lee, in just 50 hours...

Shit got bloody weird. Watch above.