Kiwi bloke draws giant dicks around potholes in bid to get Auckland Transport to fix them

funny shit 01/06/2018

A pissed off Kiwi bloke has found an interesting way to get rid some massive potholes.

Geoff Upson has been contacting road authorities over the potholes on Kahikatea Flat Rd, near Waitoki in Rodney District. But after nothing was done, he decided to do something himself.

Armed with spray-paint, he drew giant penises around the holes in the hope someone would fix them. Then, he filmed the result - along with a challenge to Auckland Transport.

There's a whole lot of potholes. So what I've done is I've gone and drawn a great artist impression of a penis,

"Now I've seen it overseas, somebody has done the same thing. They got sick of all the potholes so they drew penises around the potholes and the council was then forced to fix the potholes because people started complaining about the penises."