100 y/o woman believes guzzling back cans of Stella is the secret to a long life

funny shit 19/07/2018

Eileen Maher, 100, reckons she's found the secret to eternal youth. 

And you don't even have to sell your soul to the devil to attain it. Nah, mate it's stocked in your local Bottle-O.

That's right. Ye olde' Stella Artois. 

Unilad reports that Maher moved into a home called 'Princess Alexandra' a few years ago and just hit the century mark. To celebrate, her family through her a party at the Princess. 

And apparently she went hard. 

During the bash it was the home staff who revealed the Stella tip, saying she loves necking a Stella "tipple" and it could well be the secret to her longevity. 

Well, you don't have to tell us twice. Pop a beer. It makes ya live longer.