Bloke catches a bale of weed while fishing on his birthday

weed 06/07/2018

A lad went out fishing with his family in Florida  for his birthday this week and snapped  up every blazers dream catch.

Yeah, yeah, bugger ya snapper. Jorge Bustamante scored a bale of that delicious sticky icky shit. 

Fishing off Pompano Beach, Jorge snapped up a few mahi and a kingfish before reeling in the hefty, shrink-wrapped bale of green.

Stoked, Jorge shared photos of his catch of the day on Instagram, jokingly calling it his "Pablo Escobar birthday present" - cause ol' mate, while notoriously famous for growing cocaine, bloody loved a big ol' doob. 

Jorge said it was "a trip we won't forget for a long time".

Although when he says trip, it appears he's talking strictly in the literal sense.

The lad notified the Coast Guard of the find, who came to pick it up from the family, jokingly naming it the "square grouper".

Well, Jorge, you're a good samaritan. Let's be real here, how many of you would have avoided the social media and smoked that sweet block of cheese?