Introducing 'peegasms', a new female sex trend that's freaking out Doctors

funny shit 13/07/2018

Some chicks have been getting off by holding on to their piss. 

2018. What in the actual hell. 

Enthusiasts of the bizarre sex trend reckon they can reach that sweet O by themselves, just by peeing after they've held on to it for ages. 


Daily Mail and NZ Herald report more on the story.

One man's girlfriend women allegedly experienced shivers "from her spine to her head." 

A "whole body massage." 

And she's not alone, the boyfriend asked Reddit if anyone else had experienced "pee-shivers" and recevied a barrage of comments. 

Women, you truly do baffle us.

However, Doctor's are not convinced this is a good idea. So don't try this at home ladies.  

The major points being (look away now if you're squeamish):
- It could cause a UTI and kidney damage. 
- Bizarre trend puts women at risk of cystitis. 

Yeah, nah. Don't do that.