Mum confronts son over "crack spoon", turns out the situation was hilariously innocent

funny shit 20/07/2018

Don't you just hate it when your mum finds your crack spoon? 

This poor fella was away at a music festival when he got a text from his mum Lisa, enquiring about a small spoon she found in their garden that she reckoned he had been using for crack. 

It turned out he was just trying to help out a dying bee with something his missus had seen on the net. GOD MUM, GET OFF MY BACK. 

The lad thought his old lady's reaction was hilarious though. Here's the text exchange:

The guy, Jordan, later explained how the misunderstanding had happened:

"We had been sat having breakfast when we spotted this little bee that was not moving. Isobel [his girlfriend] said she had seen this thing where they get a bit of sugar water and put it on a spoon to help them. We tried it and it worked, the bee did drink a bit but it was still not moving much. So in the end we decided to leave the spoon out there with the bee so that it would have the opportunity to drink more if it wanted. Fast forward a week and a half and we've totally forgot that we left the spoon out in the garden."

"I was away at a festival and my mum and dad came home and were cleaning up the house and encountered this spoon in their back garden. Obviously when they discovered this spoon in their garden with some crystalised material on it, they had no idea what it was. Between them all they obviously got a bit worried and Googled 'crack spoon' and the picture that came up happened to look just like what they had found. So then my mum ended up messaging me basically asking if I had done crack. Immediately I knew she was serious because of the way she went about it but I found it funny straight away because of how ridiculous the scenario was. I couldn't even tell you how preposterous it is - I've never done anything like that before. But at the time, that's the only thing they thought it could be. I think it was just as shocking for them, which what made it even funnier for me."

"What makes me laugh is picturing their conversation when googling 'crack spoon'. I don't know what was said specifically but it is so funny to think of that going on. Spoons are renowned drug paraphernalia so I completely understand why they thought that. If I found that in a garden, drugs would be the first thing I thought of. The message exchange lasted about 10 minutes but you can see the gears turn as she sends them, which is quite funny. When I told Isobel about it she just couldn't stop laughing, she thought it was so funny. We did feel bad for leaving it out there and causing a panic but it we genuinely forgot about it. At least it provided a bit of a laugh and everyone saw the funny side too. The good news is that I think it did help the bee and it flew away eventually so it was mission accomplished really. It had been in a bad way and wasn't able to move at all so it was nice to help it. But then I imagine crack will get you moving, so that does make sense."

Ah, the old classic mistaken crack spoon incident. We've all been there. What a bloody yarn. 

Jordan and his poor ol' worried mum Lisa.