WATCH: Near-naked chainsaw-wielding bloke absolutely loses it outside Bunnings

weird shit 23/07/2018

We can all relate to having a bad day. A series of unfortunate events leads you to that eventual pop, where you wanting to shake something, punch a wall or  smoke a few stress durries...

But one bloke at a Perth Bunnings last week, took losing it to a whole new level. 

Police say the incident started when the 27 y/o got to the counter at Bunnings, tipped his shopping on the floor, then began stripping down to his underwear. 

As ya do.

He then got to his car and started smashing it with a golf club.
Shortly after, the dude through a baby car seat out of his car while yelling "pterodactyl, pterodactyl eyes".

Then he cranked out a chainsaw and continued ranting and raving like a mad man. 

He eventually got into his smashed up vehicle, drove on the wrong side of the road and crashed his car into a fence before getting apprehended by the cops.

All which has been caught on camera. 

Let this be a reminder to us all. Stay away from crack.