WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen gets US politicians saying they're for giving toddlers guns and it's absolutely cooked

Sacha Baron Cohen 16/07/2018

Sacha Baron Cohen has made a return to television for the first time in over a decade with his new series Who Is America?, and if the above trailer is anything to go by, it's absolutely cooked. 

You can get a ten minute preview into one of his four ego in the new series above; Colonel Erran Morad. Morad is an extreme Islamphobic commando who is pushing a program in America, to have kids armed on order to protect themselves in schools.

Given the seriousness of gun laws in America, this is less funny and more scary as all hell.

Early reviews are saying the show is very politically driven, focusing on off-the-rail politics - which seem more relevant in 2018, than ever. 

Similar to Borat in many ways, Cohen is taking a jab at the absurdness of America. 
But times have changed. And so has Cohen's tone. 

The new show is streaming on SoHo now.