WATCH: Kiwi battler in a tire tube spirals out of control towards moving car

funny shit 14/08/2018

The ol' tire tube gag.

Kiwi bloke James Straker was hanging out with a mate, his mates nephew and the nephew's friends on a rural farm over the weekend, when one of the young fellas jumped inside a tyre tube, went hurtling down a hill and spiralled out of control, onto a road.

The dude just - literally JUST - narrowly missed a car, that was minding it's own business, driving along at full speed. 

Straker captured the above footage and posted it to his Facebook page

Holy hecka. That's a close call if we've ever seen one.

It's such ridiuclous timing, it almost seems like a set up. 

We got in touch with Straker who said it was real and confirmed nobody was hurt. 

Everyone is absolutely fine, just pumped.


"It was my mate's nephew and his friends at their farm and his mate was in the tyre but he's totally fine, just dizzy, as you'd expect."

"I thought he was just gonna tumble out of the tire but couldn't believe he held on or that I got it on my bloody phone," Straker explained.  

"The guy in the car drove off, no worries, but f&$k it nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw it." 

Shit, it nearly gave us one just watching. That's one lucky lad.