The Honeybadger handles this Bachelorette's awkward attempt for a kiss like a champ

The Honeybadger 07/09/2018

If you didn't know, Aussie rugby star Nick Cummins aka The Honeybadger is has traded in the footy boots for a tux, starring as Australia's latest Bachelor.

And we're not going to lie, it is some quality viewing.

The Honeybadger - who is infamous for his hilarious post match interviews, watch below - is the star of the dating reality TV show, where over 20 beautfiul women are vying for his love and attention in the hopes that he will marry one of them at the end of the show.

What a shit life for the bloke, huh.

One of the girls, obviously keen to make a lasting impression, was keen as balls to give the Badge a smooch on their date - but he wasn't.

And instead of reading the vibe and pulling pin, she went all in - making it so fucking cringe and awkward.

The Honeybadger took it all in his stride though and dealt with it the best way possible. Champ of a man.

Watch above.

Also, how great is this call: