Deadpool's got a Christmas movie coming out this December

Deadpool 01/10/2018

Holy f*ck knuckles! Forget Santa, this year Deadpool's set to be sliding down your chimney (figuratively, don't get too excited ladies). 

20th Century Fox have announced an Untitled Deadpool Movie, set to hit cinemas this December 21st. 

Forget Die Hard, bugger Elf.

Come at us Deadpool

Details are pretty minimal at this point. With the studios encouraging fans to take some wild guesses. 

But with under three months til the release we're sure we'll be getting some trailers soon. 

Ryan Reynolds posted what looks like a frame from the upcoming movie with the caption "thoughts". 

It's a parody on the cult classic Princess Bride, where an ol' fella reads his grandson a fairy tale. Fair to make the leap that this new Deadpool film may follow the same format - only the fairy tale will be a new Deadpool story?  

Bloody good. 

We'll keep you updated as more details surface.