Doctors give Octopus' MDMA to prevent cannibalism and make them all round nicer dudes

funny shit 01/10/2018

Check out this outrageous video Jim found on Mashable and sent through to us here at Rock digital...

Apparently, Octopus' can be wee antisocial bastards. Often fighting with each other, some even resorting to cannibalism. 

So, to help their population numbers and steer them in a friendlier direction, Doctor's haven taken to giving the sea-creatures a dose of the "love drug", a cheeky dinger, ya ol' mate MDMA. 

Don't ask us how they administer it - presumably they're not dropping parachutes or railing up in the club bathrooms. 

But what we can tell you is it's been working a bloody treat. The octopus are reacting to the psychoactive drug in a similar way to us humans. It's affected their social behaviour and made them more friendly/touchy with each other.  

Apparently, despite the 500 million year gap in evolution, our serotonin genes are nearly identical to the eight-limbed fellas. 

This discovery proves how vital serotonin is to our social behaviour. 

Maybe the octopus that slapped the Kaikoura kayaker in the face just needed a wee bump?  

Gotta wonder though, how are the octopus' faring with the come downs... Do they run out of happy juice for the next two days and lie on the couch groaning for Jesus and chowing down on bucket of Wick Wings from K-Fry too? 

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