The first reviews for 'Venom' are in and hell, apparently it's "Catwoman level bad"

movies 03/10/2018

Bad news for Sony pictures. Venom's first reviews are a long way off complimentary. 

The film company has sunk over $100 millon buckeroons into what has been labelled a "complete failure", "Catwoman-level-bad" even. 

After some huge trailers, a massive marketing campaign and big-name cast including Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson, the hype train was well and truly running to course. 

But that doesn't seem to have made a cent of difference in the mind of these brutal reviewers.

One reckons it's just odd. Not in a good way. Another says the film is simply less developed, nuanced than the crop of quality super-hero flicks of late. Another still reckons you should call of your Venom plans all together.
Check out the reviews that have leaked on to Twitter so far...

There were a few Hardy fans who managed to see some positives.. 

But is that enough to get butts in cinema seats?  

Venom hits NZ cinemas tomorrow, October 4th. 

We might just wait to make up our own opinion when it turns up on Lightbox...