You can get into the Xmas spirit with Christmas lights for your beard

funny shit 23/11/2018

While we know most of you guys will be rolling your eyes at even the thought of Christmas (it's still only November!), we know there are a few of you out there who love to get into the festive spirit.


So if that's a bit of you, and you have the manly ability to grow hair on your chin, then this story is for you.

To show the world you are getting into the holiday spirit, you now can - with bloody Christmas lights for your beard.

We know you'll all be finishing up Movember soon, so get growing on those chinny chin chins and get lit in more ways than one this Christmas. 

Online store Firebox are selling flashing beard fairy lights which are battery powered and can be easily clipped into your facial hair. We're not quite sure how the battery pack can be hidden though - that's got to be one bloody sturdy beard. 

The set of 18 multi-coloured LED lights are suspended on a 90cm cable, and nestle comfortably in your face nest. 

Don't use them if your beard is wet or it's raining though - that's just asking for trouble. 

We reckon this would make a great Secret Santa gift for your particularly hairy mate  or co-worker (g'day Dunc). Comedy value AND functionality, what more could you want?