Marvel fans are tweeting NASA to save Tony Stark from space

funny shit 10/12/2018

Face, meet palm.

As many of you would know, Marvel's follow-up flick to Avengers: Infinity Wars, titled Avengers: Endgame, is set to hit movie screens next year. And needless to say, many Marvel superfans are fizzing at the bung over it.

And the collective Marvel fanboy boner hit peak hardness over the weekend, as Marvel released the long-awaited trailer and title for the movie, which sees the superheroes picking up the pieces after Thanos just plain fucked shit up at the end of Infinity Wars.


The trailer focuses a lot on Tony Stark, who appears to be lost in space, alone, and running low on food and oxygen. Things aren't looking great for ol' mate, which has caused many emotional fans to turn to NASA for help.

Elon Musk found himself in on the tweets, too.

God, we hope they are taking the piss and just being trolls....because if not....