WATCH: Drunk bloke storms Foo Fighters stage and Grohl lets him party like it's 1999

video 16/01/2019

Drunken antics have been a theme of Foo's shows in 2019, but this time around there was no chance of injury... apart from maybe a pulled hammy from too much fun and dancing.

Dave Grohl started the trend by downing a beer, slipping on stage and taking a scary fall during the first Foo Fighters gig of the year. 

Now in a new video, a drunken fan named "Jay from Bobay" invaded the stage, but in this instance Grohl lets the lucky falla hang out on stage while the band performed "Stay With Me" by the Faces.

See the full video bellow:

The footage was captured at a private event, which probably explains how this bloke got on stage so easily and why Grohl was so cool with it.

But it goes to show, you can always count on 'Good Guy Grohl' to make the most of any situation.