Woman complains drug dealer sold her sugar instead of cocaine...to the POLICE

funny shit 25/02/2019

Irish police have been left gobsmacked after one pissed off woman called to complain her drug dealer had ripped her off by selling her sugar instead of cocaine.

The would-be drug user called the Craigavon police station after discovering she had bought what turned out to be brown sugar for £200 (NZ$360).

A post to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Craigavon, Facebook page described the bizarre call as a warning to the public.

"Caller: I've been scammed.

Me: Ok, are you out any money?

Caller: Yeah I paid over £200 and got brown sugar instead.

Me: Instead of what?

Caller: Cocaine.

Me: Um..."

Police say the woman didn't want to provide a statement, however she was spoken to over the matter and given "appropriate advice and guidance".

"We've said it before and we'll say it again- drug dealers care about NOTHING other than lining their own pockets," police say on Facebook.

The story has drawn numerous comments on Facebook from people who appreciated the "sweet" scam.

"Nothing beats a sugar high," one wrote.

"What is the world coming to when we can't trust our friendly neighbourhood drug dealer?" another person commented.