Bloke used Female Snapchat filter on Tinder and got more than 1600 matches

funny shit 13/05/2019

Yeah.. that's a bloke.

So last week Snapchat released two new insane filters - one that turned you into a woman, and one that turned you into a man.

A simple filter, but holy hecka it got younger people snapping and sharing again.

So this young bloke from the UK decided to take things to another level by setting up a female Tinder accound of himself - and it turns out his female self is very popular with other blokes.

Jess - real name Jake Askew - thought he looked 'unreal' as a female and set up the new account. And before the night was over, his profile was liked over 1,650 times and received between 200-400 matches.

Unsurprisingly, most of the horndog blokes that messaged him were rather crude and indecent.

The 20-year-old told LADBible, the messages ranged from:


Are you a piece of art because I want to nail you up against the wall


To asking if he wanted their "pork sword" and if he would like to "sit on his face". Lovely.

Have a look at some of the messages below.