Dumbarse thieves steal 22 bottles of fake liquor from bartending school thinking it was real piss

funny shit 25/06/2019

There's dumb, and then there's fucking dumb. This is the latter.

Last Tuesday, some blokes broke into the Fine Art Bartending School in Vancouver, Canada, and stole a number of items, including a computer, iPad, and some tools.

But owner/manager of the business, Christopher Stone, says they also took something else - "a bunch of bottles of coloured water".

Why steal coloured water?

Well, these idiots thought they were bottles of real alcohol.

These bottles, used for training purposes during the school's bartending classes, are coloured to simulate different liquors, such as scotch, bourbon, and raspberry liqueur.

To make it worse, there was even a huge sign out the front of the building that said "NO ALCOHOL". Obviously reading isn't their strongpoint.

Imagine their surprise/disappointment when they tried to smash back a few celebratory drinks after their 'massive' haul, only to be making themselves more sober.

Despite the setback, the bartending school pushed on through the day and held classes.

The thieves have not been caught.