Hamilton McDonald's worker loses her shit at drive-thru customer over 24-hour menu

New Zealand 01/07/2019

Clearly not lovin' it.

A video of a guy trying to order a late night (or early morning) feed at McDonald's in Hamilton has gone viral, after the drive-thru worker was filmed blasting f-bombs at him through the intercom.

On a video post to his Facebook, Teuteu Eukaliti said they were trying to order food but the McDonald's staff saif their systems were down and could only accept Uber Eats orders - and then shit started firing off.

The worker called him "a little bitch" and threatened to "come out there" after politely asking him "the fuck you want, bitch?"

The fuck you want, bitch? Want me to come out there?

After an expletive-fuelled rally between customer and employee, she finally told him to take his issues up with head office.

To be fair, we have no idea what the bloke may have said before he started recording - he could have been the biggest dickhead and triggered her to react like this - so who knows how it all started. 

But at the end of the day, the dude ended up ordering his Maccas on Uber Eats and ate it in the carpark.

End of the day we just trying to eat man 😂😂😂

Hamilton, you never disappoint.