WATCH: One old lady with no f**ks left to give was the only person to 'Storm Area 51'

funny shit 25/09/2019

Over 1 million people said they were keen to 'Storm Area 51' and 'see them aliens' in the US last weekend. But instead, less than 3000 people turned up, none of whom decided to storm a military base. Or so we thought.

Footage has surfaced of one old battler who gave no f**ks about the military and was determined to see those aliens for herself, and it seems she was the only one who went for it.

"So like some old lady ACTUALLY stormed," Matthew Carswell posted on Twitter. See the video below.

Onlookers can be heard shouting things like “Don’t do it!” “Good luck!” and “She’s the alien!”

According to reports, the unnamed lady didn't make it much further after the video ends. But you have to hand it to her for giving it a go!