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Punter still trying to find where he parked his car a week after festival

funny shit 06/10/2019

An unlucky UK teen who drove 160km to a music festival is still searching for his parked car over a week later.

19-year-old Connor Spear made the journey from Plymouth to Tokyo World festival in Bristol last weekend but forgot to note where he parked his car and hasn't been able to find it in the week following.

After struggling to find a park close to the event, Spear left his car on a residential street before taking a 10 minute taxi the rest of the way.

When he went to get his car on the Monday morning after the festival it was nowhere to be found.

He managed to get a lift back home from a friend before heading back to Bristol with him mum the next weekend to try and find his car.

After spending eleven hours searching for the car over the weekend, the car is still yet to be found.

His mum told The Bristol Post "I'm devastated and annoyed that he's been so irresponsible.

"You know what youngsters are like...he's parked there without thinking he'll take a photo of the street."

Here's hoping the car turns up!