Credit: NSW Police / Facebook

Aussie drivers caught driving with a trampoline and bed mattress strapped to the roofs of their cars

funny shit 09/12/2019


New South Wales Police have been stirring up a social media storm in the last 24 hours.

They first caught this bloke (and you know it's a bloke) trying to transport a full blown trampoline on the roof of their car.

It's absurd - have a look:

The photos, which NSW Police uploaded to their Facebook page with the simple caption "#loadfail", has received over 5800 reactions, 2700 comments and 1500 shares in the 22 hours it has been online.

Naturally, their were mixed reactions from punters online.

The cops would have jumped all over this and bounced the driver for sure.

I am not mad, I am actually impressed.

I mean... props to them for getting it to stay on there. I feel the pain of having to take that thing apart he should be let go on that point.

But of course, there were people out there that weren't fans of the makeshift trampsporter.

Reckless, dangerous, utter nuisance and hazard to all drivers worldwide.

Just when you think you've seen the dumbest thing ever... someone tops it.

Is the Driver’s name, Homer Simpson?

Hours after this post, the NSW Police posted another #loadfail photo - this time of a driver with a bed mattress on their car roof - probably trying to ride the social engagement wave (we know the game).