Single lad made a billboard of himself asking for a date, now has nearly 2000 applications

funny shit 05/02/2020

We've all got that one desperate, single mate. But this takes desperate and single to a whole nother level. 

UK lad, Mark Rofe is so sick of being single that he spent over $800 on a 7 meter wide billboard on the side of a busy road in Manchester to advertise himself as single, and looking for a date. 

The billboard not only has Mark lying seductively, but has a website that he created, where chicks can send in applications. The homepage of his website says "I’m Mark, an extremely handsome and modest 30 year old living in Sheffield. I work in marketing, and if you’re reading this, then I must be pretty ok at it."

As of right now, 1902 people have applied to date him, so you could say he's doing pretty well. 

I think there's one thing we can take away from this. Next time you feel like you're lonely and desperate, just think about this guy, who spent over $800 to get a date.