WATCH: UK Man pulls out his wife's tooth with pliers during lockdown

Our News 01/05/2020

Okay this one isn't for the squirmy people.

71 year old Paul Cutting pulled out his wife's tooth with pliers at home, after she was denied an emergency dental appointment amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Cutting is a retired engineer with no dental experience at all. But that didn't matter, his wife, Karen, was just desperate to get the tooth out. 

Speaking to DailyMail, Mr Cutting said that Karen asked him to take it out after sleepless nights due to the pain. "It was a little bit loose, so I told her I could do it as long as she could stand the pain."

She knocked a few bourbon and cokes back, got a friend to hold her down, and out the tooth came. That's one tough 56 year old woman.

If you're one of those people that enjoy watching shit like this, then watch the video below. Spoiler: the tooth comes out in one yank.