WATCH: Drunk Cu%*t screams Queens Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a Police Car

funny shit 06/10/2020

A highly intoxicated battler has been filmed singing a near perfect rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody by the camera in a police cruiser.

Robert Wilkinson reportedly refused to take a breathalyzer test after being stopped by police, leading to his arrest and subsequent drunken karaoke session in the back of a cop car, which was caught entirely on film.

Drowning out the sound of the police radio, yells, 'Will you let me go? Will you let me go?'

At one point he even cleverly changes a line from the song:

'Nothing really matters. No nothing really matters. Even in the RCMP'.

When the officers arrive at the station, they let him finish his performance, before asking if he's going to calm down.

'Are you going to be good?' says one tired-sounding cop when the question of handcuffing comes up.

Once Wilkinson was scheduled to attend court in 2012, the 29-year-old showed up wearing sunglasses, a Viking helmet and a NASA shirt which read, “I need my space.” He was sentenced to pay a $1,400 fine and was prohibited from driving for one year.