WATCH: Kiwi bloke gets a slap to the nuts by a bronze whaler

funny shit 26/01/2021

(0:41 for the slap)

A story to tell your grandkids.

Kiwi Craig Sheriff went for a fish in the Tasman District, he reeled in not only the kingfish he hooked, but a shark that snatched onto his line too.

The bronze whaler got caught while trying to get a munch off the kingfish, it was then forced to whip its tail to escape - slapping ol mate Craig in the balls/face

The shark swam sway with lure and all.

"Normally we just cut away - but Dave's lure was $55 so we really wanted to try and get it back," Mr Sheriff told local media

"I was that pumped on adrenaline I didn't even think about it to tell you the truth," Sheriff said.

He said there were a few other sharks in the water as well - all between 3-4 feet - and that they were "quite big fish".

Sightings of bronze whaler's in New Zealand beaches have been high this year and they are known come closer to shore in the warmer months.