Watch this nearly naked bloke play death metal on a cello in the park
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Watch this nearly naked bloke play death metal on a cello in the park

What else are you gonna do this arvo?

A dude is going viral on Twitter for all the right reasons - playing death metal, on a cello, sitting in a park, in his undies. 

With more instruments than items of clothing on - he’s also using a couple of kick drums - a video of the bloke has garnered almost 50 thousand likes on Twitter. 

Posted with the caption “more parks should have people playing death metal cello in their underwear” (hard to disagree with that) the video is a great watch. 

Check it out below.

This isn’t just some random dude who decided ‘Hey, today I’m going to dust off the cello, strip down, head to the park and play some death metal’, but actually a French heavy metal artist. 

Mr Marcaille is his name. He describes himself as a “raw and heavy hardcore punk one-man band playing cello and a set of two kick drums” on his Bandcamp page. He’s a Frenchman and rocking out in his undies seems to be his thing. 

Take a look at him in his element and simple get up at a one-man band concert in 2018.

The video of Mr Marcaille in the park is actually from 2013, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Commenters on the original YouTube video are seriously impressed with Marcaille. 

“Any guy who can kick double bass and play cello through a Marshall while singing death metal in a pair of speedos is alright in my book,” said one commenter, summing it up perfectly. 

“This guy is metal incarnate. Love this shit,” said another. 

One more bloke chimed in with a hot take for the ages. 

“Cellos are better suited for death metal than electric guitars ever were,” he wrote. 

Whether you agree or disagree with that last comment, the fact that Mr Marcaille had someone type that out is a testament to his talent.