Paddy Gower has done it again, this time dropping an f-bomb on live TV during Queen’s funeral
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Paddy Gower has done it again, this time dropping an f-bomb on live TV during Queen’s funeral

Paddy G and the G stands for GOAT.

One of, if not the, greatest Kiwi broadcasters/journalists of all time Patrick ‘Paddy G’ Gower has yet again provided some gold on live TV, this time dropping an F-bomb during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. 

Paddy G was in London for the big goodbye to the Queen. The f-bomb was dropped after he was done interviewing Jacinda. Barely caught on the hot-mic, once Cindy walks away from the interview the British crowd cheers for her which surprised Paddy and led him to say:

“Fuck, they do know her.”

There were some great reactions to the slip-up online. One bloke reckons it’s a top three swearing moment in NZ history, comparing it to Sir Ed saying “we knocked the bastard off” and All Black Peter Jones letting everyone know how “buggered” he is. 

A few people were calling him a “legend” while another said this could lead to the next part in Gower's doco series - "Patrick Gower: On Swearing". One more reckons it captures the Kiwi culture beautifully, saying “paddy representing the culture on the world stage - a finely tuned mix of profanity plus scepticism that the rest of the world would know who we are.”

As you probably know, this is not the first time Paddy G has made waves for dropping a little F-U-C-K action at the wrong time. 

The infamous ‘this is the fucking news’ clip went viral - sending Gower into NZ meme royalty. It did come from an Auckland Law School Revue skit but the execution is so perfect that it doesn’t matter it wasn’t the actual fucking news. 

Paddy G’s attitude when working at his craft has led to plenty of golden moments. The Spinoff posted a compilation back in 2017 of some of his best work and it’s bloody good watching. 

This latest royal funeral moment has got to be one of the best Gower moments ever, long live Paddy ‘THE GOAT’ Gower.