Honey Badger VS 3 leopards
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Funny Shit

Fearless honey badger takes on three leopards in a wild brawl, and the outcome is unreal

The battle of the year!

A brave honey badger has successfully proven to be indestructible after being taken on by three leopards in a wild wrestling match that has to be seen to be believed. 

Field guide Dan Fiser and his business consultant Paola Murguia managed to catch the whole encounter that went down at ‘&Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp’ in the Greater Kruger National Park.

In the video, a honey badger was seen having a casual stroll before three leopards came outta nowhere and decided to take a turn down badger lane and gang up on the poor fella.

“The two cubs walked into the reeds, and we heard a loud commotion which the mother reacted to. Then all three appeared, wrestling with a honey badger,” Dan told Latest Sightings

“The three leopards took turns trying to take the honey badger down.”

Clearly, the leopard in the middle is the ring leader cause she really wasn’t messing around when it came to getting the little bugger to stay still. 

An unfair battle you’d think, right? Wrong, because the leopards would soon regret their decision when the badger backed himself.

Dan added: "The honey badger was fighting back, instead of trying to run away, actually turning the tables at times." 

A highlight has to be the moment the honey badger flipped a switch and went bloody beast mode, scaring the cubs absolutely shitless.

"An unbelievable battle between two naturally shy and tough animals. Never underestimate the underdog. This was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting” Dan and Paola concluded.

Yeah, cause how often are you going to see a full-blown 3 vs 1 WWE (Wild Wrestling Entertainment) match in the middle of Africa?!

The sighting ended with the honey badger trotting off as if nothing ever happened.

And there we have it, that’s the way the honey badger rolls…It just goes to show even as a lone fighter, if you’ve got the power, you can kick some absolute arse!