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People are taking frying pans to the head to cover AC/DC's 'Back in Black' in new TikTok trend

Talk about metal music.
30 November 2022 12:02PM

One of the most popular rock songs of all time has found itself at the centre of a TikTok trend that involves hitting someone in the head with a frying pan. 

AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ is the song that has fans taking the kitchen staple to the noggin. 

Whoever’s on the wrong end of the pan is killing it on a guitar by playing the track’s legendary riff. Rather than the smack of a drum coming in between the notes , it's a skillet to the skull (with a helmet shielding the blow). 

One of the more recent examples to go viral contains a man in a medieval helmet rocking the riff on an acoustic while a lady absolutely hammers the pan into the old-timey head protection. There definitely seems to be some pent-up anger in her strikes. 

Another also has a guy holding an acoustic and wearing a helmet, though this time it’s a pilot helmet. As one of the comments on the TikTok points out, the frying pan swinging seems “a little too personal”. It does sound better than expected though.

Really taking it to another level is this next one, which contains a mother entrusting her young child with the frying pan as she sits on a chair with just a bike helmet on protecting her head. Giving a weapon like that to a kid and telling them to hit you in the head is absolutely a recipe for disaster, but the ukelele-playing mum seems to come away unscathed.

The trend first originated last year, but rather than a frying pan and helmet, participants used other, less intense tools. Like this band, ‘AMH’, who uses plastic bottles and bowls and make it sound awesome while doing it. Tell me he doesn’t sound exactly like Brian Johnson in his prime.