Jay and Dunc read LadBible's comments about wiping three times.
Jay and Dunc read LadBible's comments about wiping three times.
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WATCH: Expert explains why you should never wipe more than 3 times after pooing

And the internet has reacted.

Alright, time to get personal.

If you’re someone who usually wipes more than three times after dropping the kids off at the pool, then you might wanna have a read of this.

A pelvic floor expert from Aussie has explained why you should never wipe more than three times, and has offered some advice for those who do. 

In a video uploaded to TikTok from the account BIEN Australia, pelvic floor physiotherapist George begins by asking, “do you wipe more than three times when you go for a poo?”

She goes on to explain,"when you are wiping more than two or three times, that is called faecal smearing..

"So it is essentially when too much faecal matter stays at the entrance of the anus even after you have finished your poo." 

So basically, it’s when your poo is sticking around the entrance of your anus, even when you’re finished. What a sentence.

So, how does one cut down their unnecessary wiping? Eight simple words: “Squeeze your pelvic floor in a waterfall formation”, apparently. 

The instructions to do this are, "start by squeezing the anus 20 percent, then 50 percent, 80 percent, and 100 percent so that you have squeezed it four times at the end of your poo.

"This can help close off the anus sphincter, which is the reason you are having little bits of stool hanging on the entrance - it is usually from weakness from that external sphincter."

The physiotherapist warned that haemorrhoids or any “scar tissue around anus” could also be the cause of excessive wiping. She also warned that if the ol’ waterfall trick doesn’t work, it could be a good idea to see a doctor. 

The TikTok has garnered 4.5 million views, and a lot of online attention.

LadBible shared the headline to their Facebook page, and as always, the comments provided. 

Have a watch of Jay and Dunc reading them up top.